JHU NIST PREP Holds Orientation with WSE and KSAS Faculty

Approximately 15 members of JHU WSE and KSAS faculty attended an orientation on the Johns Hopkins NIST PREP Consortium on Aug. 15 on the Homewood campus. Under the consortium, JHU faculty, staff, students, and affiliates have the opportunity to partner with NIST scientists and engineers for research projects totaling up to $30 Million over the … Read more

Johns Hopkins receives $30 million to lead research consortium

Johns Hopkins University WSE and KSAS has been awarded up to $30 million to lead a consortium of three Mid-Atlantic universities that will work together on research projects with the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The program, called the Professional Research Experience Program, will combine educational programs with real-world experiences to help students understand … Read more

Reminder: Two Funding Opportunities Available to WSE Faculty and Staff

The AFOSR (Air Force Office of Scientific Research) currently has an open BAA (Broad Agency Announcement) which may be of interest to WSE faculty and staff. This announcement will remain open until superseded. Recently, two program officers from AFOSR provided an overview of their office and the funding opportunities that are periodically offered at WSE … Read more

WSE Faculty Attend Retreat for Partnership Opportunities at APL

Faculty from WSE attended the second of two retreats on Monday, Jan. 23, at the APL campus in Laurel, as part of a networking effort to increase partnerships between the school and JHU APL. The day’s agenda involved a sharing of research and educational opportunities between WSE and APL for students and faculty. “The opportunity … Read more

JHU Whiting and APL Partner on Research Projects

In late October, Whiting School students, faculty, faculty members, and research staff members from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory gathered in the Homewood campus’ Glass Pavilion to view a poster session and listen to talks about APL research projects in areas that included computer vision, prosthetic limbs, and secure mobile communications. The presenters that … Read more

JHU Whiting School Commercial and Government Program Office Supports U.S. Air Force Study on ‘Fast Space’

The JHU WSE Energetics Research Group and Commercial and Government Program Office (CGPO) recently completed a project from the National Defense University (NDU) in support of the U.S. Air Force’s Air University, to study the how the commercial space industry can be leveraged to support national needs for access to space, as well as effects … Read more

Former SpaceX Vice President speaks at Whiting

JANNAF Member Jeff Thornburg, founder of the engineering technology development company, Interstellar, LLC, spoke about ways in which government and industry can work together to fast track innovation in space exploration at the Johns Hopkins University’s Whiting School of Engineering on Sept. 21. Thornburg spent much of his time discussing his experience working at SpaceX … Read more